Our Guest PE Instruction is a perfect way for us to take over your PE class and show what is possible with a rope. We build off of what the PE teacher may have already taught and show progressions for the students to work on. We also give insightful tips to the PE teacher to help 
Our sessions can be done virtually or in person to fit any schools needs

Learning to jump rope seemed like a perfect unit and I introduced the unit with a youtube video of Nick Woodard. They were enthralled and excited to learn.  I was even more thrilled when I discovered "Learnin the Ropes" and Nick Woodard did a virtual PE lesson. Nick was wonderful to work with. He taught two half hour classes and was so supportive of the students. He gave great feedback and taught so many new tricks. The students had a blast and now love jump roping so much they got mad when we started a new unit. The best part was seeing students gain confidence and learn a new skil; especially my students that have struggled with PE in the past

Mary Duncan - Christian Life Academy - Connecticut


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Exciting and engaging performance to get your kids excited!