Garrett Johnson is 25 years old and is currently employed with the City Of Bellevue in the resource management department. Garret loves to work outside and enjoys the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  His greatest passion has always been for the sport of jump rope. He has been actively involved with this sport for the past 23 years, following in the footsteps of his two older sisters, Vanessa and Ariana, and his older brother Kolin. Garrett performed in his first half-time show when he was just two years old and never gave up performing, competing, and teaching jump rope after that. Garrett is now a World and National jump rope champion. He is also a part of the "Electrick Jumpers," a group that performs at a wide variety of events including NBA and NCAA basketball games. For years, Garrett has worked with children and adults at many workshops and camps. He has taught in Africa, Hong Kong, and many other countries around the world, and nothing makes him happier than spreading the love and passion he has for the sport while inspiring the younger generation. 

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