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Best program to learn the basics of shared rope, partner jumping, American wheel and Chinese wheel.
What's included!
Online Product:
  • Over 47 follow-along skill tutorials
  • 27 Mini Routines Videos
  • Digital PDF packet including:
    • Over 47 skill descriptions
      • Common mistakes​
      • Teaching Tips
    • 27 Routines
    • Fillable skill trackers
All digital products are downloadable to create easy access to share with students in a gym or through virtual learning platforms.
Online packet only - $165
- Videos
- Digital PDF Packet
PDF Packet (Hard Copy) & Online Access - $195
Multi-school and district wide discounts are available to help provide access.
Please email me at to discuss.
Perfect for students all ages!
Great resource for:
  • PE Teachers
  • Homeschool Teachers & Co-ops
  • Recreation Centers
  • Parents during virtual learning
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