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A great way to implement jump rope in a fun and engaging way!
What is Jump Stars?!

Jump star is a jump rope implementation model that allows students to earn rewards based on jump accumulation and/or skill development

How does it work?

Pass out ropes to students and reward them with a stamp or a Jump Stars token for certain achievements. Teachers can give out awards as often as they would like.  

Download Jump Stars Packet

A more in depth look at the program with suggested implementations for jumps and skills.

Jump Stars Tokens

Colorful charms to encourage students to achieve their goals!

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Jump Stars Stamp

Unique stamp with jump stars logo to mark students trackers.

Single Rope Program

Video based program with follow along skills, combos and routines to enhance your unit!

Jump and Skills Trackers

Trackers to allow your students to follow their progress throughout their unit. 

Jump Ropes

Durable jump ropes with shatter proof handles and beads. Class packs available!

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