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Nick Woodard



Nick Woodard has been a part of the sport of jump rope for 30 years. He has won several national and world championships throughout his career. Nick has traveled the world promoting the sport through workshops, shows and camp. He has performed for several NBA teams, Cirque Du Solei, schools and summer camps to provide fun jump rope experiences that audiences will never forget.

Nick has graduated with his Bachelors in Business Management from Sam Houston Statue University in 2010. He also graduated with his Masters in Sports Management from the e University of Tennessee in 2020. Nick is passionate about fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through NASM.

Nicks passion for the sport and youth development is why he continues to work hard to provide jump rope outlets for others. He also works the International Jump Rope Union on several projects to help further the sport on a global scale.

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