Teach skills in single rope, double dutch, long rope and more!

Virtual Jump Rope Sessions

During these uncertain times we are offering virtual jump rope sessions for schools to help enhance your PE Classes! We provide a fun and engaging atmosphere to connect with students and teachers. 

During our sessions we go through the following :

~ Warm Up/Stretch

~ Mini Workout (8 - 10 min)

~ Jump Rope Skills & Challenges


After School Programs

Our after school program provide an activity for your students to take part in that is active and unique. Through our program students get have the opportunity to learn new skills in single rope, long rope, double dutch and more. The program helps enhance students foot work, enduranceagility and more! 

The after school programs are great for

~ Schools

~ Recreation Centers

~ Day Care Centers


Guest PE Instruction

Our Guest PE Instruction is a perfect way for us to take over your PE class and show what is possible with a rope. We build off of what the PE teacher may have already taught and show progressions for the students to work on. We also give insightful tips to the PE teacher to help 



We provide clinics for athletes looking to become more efficient and master their double udners. Clinics focus on increasing consecutive double unders, providing effective techniques to reduce mistakes, teaching fundamentals of jump rope, and preventing overuse injuries.

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