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CrossFit Games - Double Under Crosses

If you tuned into event 3 of the Crossfit Games 2022, you might have noticed all the jump rope taking place! The athletes were challenged to do these skills: Unbroken Single Unders, Unbroken Double Unders, and the most tricky of the batch, Double Under Crosses.

We are going to break down each of these skills further and give you some tips on ropes to use, as well as form and technique to help you master these skills in no time!

Unbroken Single Unders

Unbroken Single Unders, also known as basic bounces, is the first skill you’ll want to focus on if you are just getting started. One common mistake athletes make with this skill is using a wire jump rope. Wire jump ropes, which can be useful when it comes to double unders, are super lightweight and it can be easy for the rope to get away from you during single unders. This is why we would recommend either a beaded or PVC rope. These ropes have more weight distribution and provide more feedback, which allows you to better understand where your rope is in relation to your body.

One thing you may not know about single bounces is that there are actually two ways to do them. The first and most common way is with your feet together. This is a great option for anybody just starting to learn! The second way is a jog/speed step, which involves jumping from one foot to the other in a jogging motion. Once you get comfortable with the motion, this method will allow you to pick up more speed!

Unbroken Double Unders

The next skill we’ll focus on is unbroken double unders which involves two rotations of the rope in one jump. For this skill, use the type of rope that feels most comfortable for you. We would recommend starting with a heavier rope such as a beaded or PVC before attempting with a wire rope. Wire ropes are great for picking up speed, but can be hard to control, especially if you are unfamiliar with the skill.

We are going to keep the tips for double unders short and sweet! These things will allow you to be efficient when practicing double unders:

  1. Flick your wrists

  2. Keep your shoulders relaxed

  3. Position your arms by your hips

  4. Stay on the balls of your feet

Double Under Crosses

The last skill we are going to focus on today is double under crosses. You can perform this skill in two different ways. In both ways, there will be two revolutions of the rope under your feet, one of which will be a cross. You can perform the cross in the first revolution and follow with an open jump, or you can begin with an open jump and end with a cross. This decision will be personal preference, so try both out and see what works for you!

The first thing you want to do before jumping

right into a double under cross is making sure

your single under cross is solid. Make sure your

arms cross really far and low across your body

as if you were giving yourself a big bear hug.

Another tip is to use your wrists to get the

rope all the way around your head before


Our last tip for double under crosses is to choose a rope that comes off the handle at a 180 degree angle. Most, if not all, wire ropes come off their handles at a 90 degree angle, restricting the range of motion and making the skill so much more difficult to perform.

Most PVC or beaded ropes will have that 180 degree angle you're looking for, which will allow for a full range of motion. PVC

ropes will be lighter to work with, but beaded ropes will provide more feedback. It’s smart to play around with both and see

what you prefer!

We hope these tips on unbroken single unders, unbroken double unders, and double under crosses were helpful in improving your jump rope abilities. Keep in mind that some of these skills will take time and patience! Don’t get too discouraged if you aren’t getting them right off the bat. Practice often and you’ll see progress!

Check out some of our other articles on sizing your ropes, top beginner skills, and unlocking your double unders and don’t forget to have fun!

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