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Learnin' The Ropes Top 36 Beginner Skills

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When you first pick up a rope and start jumping, you’ll probably start with the basics: finding your rhythm, getting comfortable with single bounce, and maybe trying a few footwork skills. But once you get through these initial steps, you may find yourself thinking… “What now? Is there anything else I can try?” Well, we have good news – Yes! There are literally thousands of skills you can learn. It’s never ending, which is one of the things that makes jump rope so much fun!! To get you started and help you build a solid foundation, here are the Learnin’ The Ropes Top 36 Beginner Skills. By mastering this list, you’ll have the foundational footwork, arm work, rotation, and wrapping skills that you need to jump start you on your jump rope journey and help you keep progressing for years to come!

Here are the skills:

1. Single Bounce 2. Backward Jumping 3. Skier 4. Bell 5. Side Straddle 6. Forward Straddle 7. Double Side Swing Jump 8. Single Side Swing Jump 9. Under the Leg Pass 10. Basic Arm Wrap 11. X Motion 12. Cross Kicks 13. Wounded Duck 14. Twister 15. 180 16. 360 17. Full Turn 18. Heel to Heel 19. Toe to Toe 20. Heel to Toe 21. Peek-A-Boo 22. Fling 23. Irish Fling 24. Criss Cross 25. Locked Cross 26. Side Swing Cross 27. Backward Cross 28. Single Leg Hops 29. Speed Step 30. Knee Ups 31. Swing Kicks 32. Can Can 33. Arm Wrap Variation 34. Basic Push Up 35. Double Under 36. Walk the Dog

General Tips:

1. Keep variety in your jump rope sessions! It can be tempting to lock in on one skill and just drill it until you get it. This method can work, but we recommend adding variety by trying several of the skills on the list during each practice. If you are really stuck on a skill, move on, and try again when you’re a bit more fresh. It will still be there when you come back. 

2. After you have learned a few skills, try doing them to music. If you can listen to a fun song and put your skills to the beat, you’ll gain a better concept and understanding of the skills. It’s also a really fun way to get a great workout!

3. Try creating mini combos with your skills. You only need two or three skills to start making combos. Let your creativity come out, and let’s see what you can put together!

4. Have fun!! Ultimately, we want jump rope to be the most fun form of cardio you can imagine. Spice up your jumping with these tips and skills, and we can pretty much guarantee that it’ll never be boring!

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