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Unlocking Double Unders - Sizing your Rope

Sizing your rope correctly is key to mastering your double unders. If your rope is too long, you’ll end up taxing out your arms and developing some bad form habits. If it’s too short, you’ll no doubt become frustrated as the rope keeps hitting the top of your head. Many times, when we are coaching CrossFit athletes on double unders, their primary issue is a rope that’s just too long.

So what’s the ideal length? Well that depends on your height, of course, but also on your experience level. In general, we recommend a rope that reaches between 4 and 8 inches over your head when you jump. If you’re a beginner, go for something around 8 inches; if you’re more experienced, you may want to move toward the 4 inch mark. This length may be an adjustment at first, but having a slightly shorter rope will force you to hold your arms in by your sides and maintain proper form. All this will help you to be more efficient as you tackle your double unders.

Pro Tip: Take your time shortening your rope. If your current rope is 12 inches over your head, maybe consider taking off an inch or two at first. Work on getting used to the shorter length, and then see if you can take off another inch. Patience, progress, and consistency are the keys!!

Check out the links below for some great double under ropes we recommend:

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