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Our shows have high level jump rope skills, lots of crowd interaction and a motivational message throughout the entire show. Our shows have been known to be a hit not only with the kids but the teachers and faculty. We like to make the teachers jump too 😉. The shows are perfect for...

~ Jump rope unit kick offs or end of unit surprise

~ Pep Rallies
~ Behavior Incentive Programs
~ School Assemblies
~ Etc.

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For some time our school wanted to have Mr. Woodard come and present his jump roping skills in some capacity.  And finally our school was able to book them for a Positive Behavior Celebration.  And he, along with his wife, did not disappoint!  They are world class jumpers and it shows.  Their tricks and abilities are second to none. More importantly they did more than just entertain, with their charisma and ability to capture the students attention, they were able to keep our students engaged, impressed and inspired.

Josh Ballard - Northshore Elementary - Tennessee


Willbern Elementary
Houston, Tx

Tipps Elementary
Houston, TX

Northgate Elementary
Spring, TX

Hamilton Elementary
Houston, TX

Shlenker School
Houston, TX

Keith Elementary
Houston, TX

Northshore Elementary
Knoxville, TN

Bluegrass Elementary
Knoxville, TN

Crab Orchard Elementary
Crossville, TN

North Cumberland Elementary
Crossville, TN

Pleasant Hill Elementary
Crossville, TN

Parkview Baptist
Baton Rouge, LA

Farragut Intermediate
Knoxville, TN

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