Learnin’ The Ropes" is a jump rope program designed to teach youth of all ages the fundamentals of jump rope. We teach skills in single rope, double dutch, shared ropes, long rope and more. Along with teaching the activity and sport of jump rope, we work on developing strong character qualities such as leadership, integrity, team work, communication, perseverance, etc. The sport of jump rope is also a perfect avenue for youth to improve their physical fitness and cardiovascular health. Jump rope brings diverse groups of people together, and it offers opportunities for males and females of all ages to have fun and compete together. It also helps to establish balance, footwork, stamina, motor skills, and more that can and will serve kids in many other sports. We strive to create a fun and positive atmosphere so that each class is rewarding and enjoyable for the students. 



Jump Rope Classes

Double Under Clinics


Nick Woodard

Kaylee Woodard

They did more than just entertain, with their charisma and ability to capture the students attention, they were able to keep our students engaged, impressed and inspired.

Josh Ballard, Northshore Elementary P.E. Teacher

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