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How to Size your Rope

One of the biggest questions that we get from people is “How do you size your rope?” This is an amazing question and throughout this article we will dive into how to specifically size a beaded jump rope.

Although this is for beaded ropes the principles are similar to licorice ropes as well.

Why should you size?

Glad you asked…. If you have a properly sized rope you will become more efficient with your rope and you will of course have fun. Having a rope that is sized just for you can and should eliminate some misses and form issues which will ultimately make you more successful when your jumping.

How do you know if you’re rope is too long

  • Arms out too wide

    • If you’re arms are out wide you are probably compensating for a long rope. The goal is always to have the rope skim the ground. So with a longer rope the only way to do that without shortening is to have your arms out. This can also tax out your shoulders which isn’t good at all!

  • Rope Slaps the ground/Jumping too high

    • If you have good form (arms by your hips) with a long rope you’re probably having to jump extremely high because your rope is slapping the ground. Jumping too high is going to tire you out quickly.

How size your rope

  • Step in the middle of your rope with 2 feet

  • Pull the handles up by your side

    • If the rope is above your armpits its probably too long

  • We recommend that the rope comes right up to the armpits to start

  • For those who are more experienced/efficient your rope may be lower than your armpits

Quick Fixes

If you’re borrowing a rope and just need to jump quickly here are a few things you can do to make sure you're ready to jump.

  • Wrap the rope around your hand

  • Tie a knot in your rope

More Permanent Fix

If you have your own rope and you’re ready to size here is how to do it.

  • Step in the middle

  • Bring one handle to your armpit and extend the other side of the rope to see how much you need to cut off

  • Untie handle on the longer side and remove the handle, washer and extra beads,

  • Once you have the beads off re-apply the handle, washer, and re-tie the knot

  • Test the rope out and make sure it feels comfortable. If not redo the other steps to add or subtract more beads until it fits

  • Once it feels comfortable, cut the extra rope

  • Burn the tip of the cut rope so it doesn't fray

  • Enjoy

Once you’ve sized your rope it should feel great! Everybody is going to be a little different when it comes to rope length. We recommend that you start with your handles to your armpits to get started but we also understand that the more efficient you become the shorter the rope may get.

If you need a rope definitely check out our website! We have beaded ropes where you can customize your beads and handles. Click the link below to order

Enjoy your sized beaded rope and be sure to check out more of our articles and videos on different tips, tricks and more to make you a better jumper!

Have fun!

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